RR Mulling Dominance In India..

The legendary luxury carmaker, Rolls Royce is going anxious over strengthening its services, featuring and operations in India. The India car market is one of the most demanding and crucial one on the planet and hence, the intent of Rolls Royce in strengthening its functioning in the region makes sense. India is one of the heftiest economies in the Asia Pacific zone.

As a starter, the company has hired Hrfried Hasenoehrl as its chief business development officer for India. Hasenoehrl will be apparently working with an extended and extensive network of dealers with an aim of expanding the company’s portfolio and proceedings in India. In addition, he will also work towards finding out new cities and markets for entertaining potential and promising brands for the Rolls Royce.

The company, which has already employed two dealers in Delhi and Mumbai, is reportedly mulling over adding more and more cities by the end of 2011 or perhaps, with the rise of 2012. “Currently, we are in the process of identifying the dealers. We are looking for dealers who have high local connections”, said Dan Balmer, Rolls Royce’s Marketing and Events Manager for Asia Pacific region.


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